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Popcorn Words

Popcorn Words
The kindergarten classes have a program to help your child to learn popcorn words.  Your child will be responsible for learning 31 popcorn words. Popcorn words are words that cannot be sounded out. Each week I will introduce one or two new words.  We will practice these words everyday in our classroom.  We are asking you as parents  to help your child practice these words.  You can help your child by saying them, spelling them out loud, and writing
 1st Marking
2nd Marking
 3rd Marking
 4th Marking 
is   me that  has 
I    go  like  big
 like  my  then  said
 a  it  see  do
 was  in  have  for
 and  out  went  up
 are  saw  his  here
at   we  her  they
 to  he  come  this
 am  she  can  were
   of  an  
   as  with  
   no  all  
   you  him  
   on  day