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Reading Strategies

Here are some helpful ways for you to help your child read.

Before you read -
   * Look at the title and the illustrations together.                  
   *  Predict what the story will be about.
   *  Discuss what you both already know about the topic of the story.
   *  Read the first page and then ask your child to predict what might happen next. 
During the time you read -                         
     *  Encourage your child to picture in his or her mind what is happening in the story.
      *  Ask your child what may happen next in the story.
      *  Have your child change his or her predictions as the story provides new information.
      *  Ask how a character might feel and talk about the illustrations.
      *  Look for little words in bigger words.
      *  Backtrack and read again if your child is having difficulty reading the story.
      *  Remind your child to listen to the way that a word sounds and ask if it makes sense.
      *  When trying to figure out a word, look for chunks.  

After you read -      
        *  Have your child retell the story and create a new ending together.
      *  Choose a character and retell the story from their point of view.
      *  Let your child illustrate his or her favorite part.
       *  Discuss the story together.

Helpful Hints
      * Select a book that your child can read with few errors!
      * Read the book to your child!
      *  Read the book again, asking your child to read with you!
      *  Ask your child to read the book alone!
      *  Read the book again, this time with expression!
      *  Encourage your child to read the book with expression!
      *  Leave the book in a place where your child can read it independently!
      *  Encourage your child to read the book and record it on a tape recorder, or 
                  to a friend!
      *  Remember to show your children that READING IS FUN!!!!!