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Educational Links

Educational Links
 coinsClick on the coins to go to an excellent site to help you learn to count quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies! 
billy bug Click on the bug to play a game to learn points on a coordinate plane.  Be careful...Billy Bug is addictive!!!
computerClick on the computer for a site that will time you on your multiplication facts.  It will be very helpful at the end of the year when we play "Hot Seat" for learning our multiplication facts.
runningclockClick on the clock.  On the site, click one of the Interactive Activities for calendar use and telling time.
cartoon  Click on Garfield, he will take you to a site where you can create your very own comic!!!  Yes, your very own comic!!!!
newspaper  Click on the paperboy, he will take you to a site where you will become the publisher of your very own newspapers, flyers and more!
suessClick on me and you will see, how wonderful creative writing can be!
Last Modified on October 10, 2010